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Collaborative Research Projects

Tissue regeneration through transplantation of therapeutic cells has the potential to revolutionize modern medicine.

In the last century, major breakthroughs in our understanding of ‘identity’ have changed the way that we think about ourselves and the world around us.

We live in an age of racial, ethnic and religious tension.

Cancer develops when evolutionary forces act on mutated cells.

Recent biological and biomedical research, especially work on the microbiome, has revived the idea that living things are not “individuals”, but rather collectiv

Plasmas, or ionized gases, are key to many modern applications and are used, for example, in the production of thin films, space


Informed consent is a key prerequisite for ethical healthcare provision, and a foundational moment in the doctor-patient relationship.

This symposium will bring together a preeminent group of scholars from the humanities and the social science

Visiting Junior Scholar Fellowships

Shixuan Liu

In nature, it is common to see seasonal changes in animal morphology and behavior.

Pedro Pinheiro-Chagas

I am analyzing a large dataset of intracranial electrophysiological recordings in humans, who performed a variety of mathemati

Max Frederik Gilljohann

The interaction of highly energetic particles with plasmas plays a major role in the evolution of the universe and gives rise to many astrophysical processes tha

Visiting Student Researcher Fellowships

Willca Villafana

Extending the lifetime and capabilities of satellites and spacecraft has significant impact to the society.

Yohan Renard

Universal access to quality, life-saving drugs is a key challenge faced by low-income countries.

Luis Bergolla

This project focuses on the role of experts witnesses in international arbitration cases administered under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)—th

Undergraduate Fellowships

Erica Scott

When discussing cultural or ethnic communities within a larger nation, two metaphors often emerge: the “salad bowl” and the “melting pot”.

Carly Taylor

During my research project, I will build a database of all Macron's presidential discourses since May 7th, 2017 for f

Angela Black

In the winter of 2021, I will be working remotely under Dr.

Michael McFarland

I am going to be conducting extensive research across visual culture to identify the principal currents in the visual arts during the 1960s in Paris including Fr

Clara Romani

For this project, I will work on late medieval law in France and in Europe.

Undergraduate Internships

Stepan Sharkov

Project's goal lies in the intersection of biology and machine learning, the tool which successfully allows scientists today to work with big data and make predi