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Collaborative Research Projects

Over 30 million patients require a major surgery annually in the US alone and more than half of these patients are elderly (> 60 years old).

This project confronts a collection of untapped sources about Renaissance feasting.

Fractured rocks play central role in a wide variety of environmental fields including hydrogeology, geothermal energy, hydrocarbon extraction, and long-term storage of toxic

Mine wastes are of tremendous environmental concern because of their high concentrations in radioactive and toxic elements and persistence in groundwater.

Plasmas, or ionized gases, are key to many modern applications and are used, for example, in the production of thin films, space

Terrorist events in the name of radical religious doctrines have occurred worldwide.


This symposium will bring together a preeminent group of scholars from the humanities and the social science

Visiting Junior Scholar Fellowships

Alexandre Gaudet

Septic shock corresponds to a life-threatening generalized inflammation observed in the most severe infections.

Elizabeth Marcus

My research project looks at a new and untapped archive at the Cité international

Marie Ghis Malfilatre

While being at Stanford, my aim is to extend my research on nuclear issues by working with Gabrielle Hecht and to prepare my thesis for publication. 

Vincent Cohen-Addad

Automated decisions are taking a prominent place in our societies in various domains ranging from medical diagnosis, to justice decisions or college admissions.

Visiting Student Researcher Fellowships

Andrea Capra

I intend to fill the lack of systematic studies concerning the similar trajectories, both literary and biographic, of the Italian author Curzio Malaparte and the Frenc

Sergio Redondo

California’s mining and industrial history have led to an excessive build-up of mercury in the Bay Area.

Audrey Delpech

Unlike the surface currents that have been extensively studied thanks to satellite observations, the oceanic deep circulation

Julie Ben Zenou

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter and is by far the most abundant one in the universe.

Undergraduate Fellowships

Erica Scott

When discussing cultural or ethnic communities within a larger nation, two metaphors often emerge: the “salad bowl” and the “melting pot”.

Carly Taylor

During my research project, I will build a database of all Macron's presidential discourses since May 7th, 2017 for f

Undergraduate Internships