Stanford Dish at Dusk

Current Projects

Roxane Debuisson Fellowship

The Debuisson Collection has brought me closer to the history of Paris than I have ever been.

Gustave Gimon Fellowship

By the French Revolution, the drive for transparency was a defining feature of the political culture.

Visiting Humanities & Social Sciences Fellowships

My research involves examining the traces of colonialism and colonial history within experiences of mental disorders and their care in New Caledonia.

Collaborative Research Projects

The ability to orient attention to dynamic changes in the environment is an essential cognitive skill.

Pediatric liver transplantation is a very challenging surgical procedure that saves lives for children that are born or develop severe liver disease.

This project will digitally map Le Vaillant’s journey from the account of his journey into the interior of the Cape of Good Hope (1781-83). The Voyage de M.

This interdisciplinary project explores the effects of political language on democracy when it transitions to authoritarianism.


Despite the centrality of criminal law and procedure to core questions of constitutional rights and governance throughout the modern-day West (and beyond), the disciplines of comparative criminal l

Visiting Junior Scholar Fellowships

Systemic lupus erythematosus is a serious chronic disease that causes skin lesions and joint pain but can also affect vital organs.

Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) is one of the most curable malignancies with the current treatments.

Visiting Student Researcher Fellowships

When we hand an object to another human we let go only when we know the recipient has achieved a secure grasp. How do we "know" that the recipient has a secure grasp on the object?

With Sustainable Development Goal 6, "Clean Water and Sanitation", the United Nations aims for a universal access to safe and affordable drinking water.

The infamous Alzheimer's disease is at the heart of numerous research, because of the number of patients suffering from it, and the lack of known cure at the moment.

Substance use disorders are prevalent forms of mental illness that have severe consequences for affected individuals and the broader society.

The musical project Sum and Difference combines acoustic research from the French national

My research is at the crossroad between literature, philosophy and political theory.

I’m going to work in the Stanford Plasma Physics Laboratory (SPPL) with Prof. Mark Cappelli on optical computers.

Low-temperature plasmas have multiple vital scientific and industrial applications, including plasma processing, electric propulsion, arc discharges, and many more.

A major health challenge our societies are about to face on the long-term is cancer, as it is already the primary cause of death in France and the second one in the US.

Spatial audio refers to various systems and techniques used to diffuse sound sources or sound fields in space.

Electric propulsion for satellites is a technology that largely reduces the launch costs and provides reliable orbit control capabilities.