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Current Projects

Gustave Gimon Fellowship

Elizabeth Heath

My current book project, Invisible Empires: Colonial Commodities, Capitalism, and the Making of the Modern French Self, 1750-1970 examines the colonial foundatio

Roxane Debuisson Fellowship

Chloe Edmondson

Dr. Chloe Summers Edmondson specializes in the literature and history of early modern France. She holds the position of Acting Assistant Professor of French at Stanford University.

David Rumsey Map Center Fellowship

Amaia Cabranes

Whereas it has been widely agreed that maps are an essential source for historians, there is no doubt that cartographic representations also constitute a means and a medium for writing history.

Visiting Humanities & Social Sciences Fellowships

Nathanaelle Soler

My research involves examining the traces of colonialism and colonial history within experiences of mental disorders and their care in New Caledonia.

Medhi Marot

Professor Hazel Markus and I aim to investigate the relationship between growing economic inequality and social cohesion by studying the psychology and beh

Collaborative Research Projects

Phonology is the sub-discipline of linguistics that studies the sound systems of languages.

Inside-Out Earth, the larger project of which

Over the past few years, the potential of machine learning methods that can generate text and images has expanded significantly.

Microorganisms living in the deep sea (>200 m water depth) have the potential to play important roles in shaping global chemistry and climate by producing and

Intense sources of high-energy gamma-ray photon beams are of great interest for scientific endeavors in fundamental and applied sciences such as probing the limi


The “Oriental impressions: Printing Oriental Languages between West and East, 16th-19th centuries” conference, to be held in Paris in December 2023, will bring together an international consortium

Visiting Junior Scholar Fellowships

Cléa Hance

My project focuses on the completion of a scientific publication questioning the legal issues surrounding the protection of cultural practices specific to

Visiting Student Researcher Fellowships

Paul de La Sayette

The Salisbury Robotics Lab at Stanford is developing a robotic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Lydia Kamenoff

Lydia Kamenoff’s doctoral thesis focuses on the history and memory of the Cossacks in France (1924-1945), an original and central theme to better understand the

William Parish

My project, which I will conduct at École Normale Supérieure in Paris, explores historical questions at the intersection of environmental history and Indig

Justine Brisson

My research is at the crossroad between literature, philosophy and political theory.

Angelique Lemarchand

Ancient philosophers significantly contributed to build a rational discourse on water, which in many ways is still in use today.

Lloyd May

This project aims to improve accessibility for D/deaf and/or Disabled individuals in online media experiences by: (1) designing and developing new ways to

Deniz Demir

France has a long history of political involvement in the Middle East, not only at the state level but also at the individual level.

Pierre France

Conspiracy milieus tend to have a strong interest in science, showing in the constant display of professional qualities - ‘engineers’, ‘scholars’, ‘doctors’ - for many of the individuals involved i

Edwin Garcia

This project investigates the mechanisms of financial exclusion that result in a significant portion of the population becoming unbanked or underbanked.

Alexandre Perez

As machine learning is seeping into all strata of modern societies, it is increasingly used to automate decisions or draw conclusions.

Tatiana Smorodnikova

Multi-petawatt laser facilities, such as Apollon in Paris, will generate very high light intensities to explore novel strong-field frontiers in plasma- and labor

Aimé Matheron

When a very intense laser collides with a highly energetic electron beam, gamma rays are emitted.