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The World Health Organization predicts that between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world's population over 60 years old will nearly double.

Out of the world’s 6000+ languages only a small fraction currently enjoys the benefits of modern information technologies.

Health systems in developing countries are confronted with the coexistence of undernutrition along with chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, while greater exposure to globalization shapes

Since the Industrial Revolution, nearly 90% of the excess heat trapped by greenhouse gasses and around half of the carbon released by humans have entered the ocean.

The rise of obesity in childhood is a concern in both Europe and North America.

DNA sequences from a sample of present day individuals is a record of the evolutionary history of the population.

Visiting Junior Scholar Fellowships

Marilou Tétard

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by a parasite of the type Plasmodium. It is widely distributed throughout sub-tropical regions and is still a leading cause of child mortality worldwide.

Solange Massa

Approximately 60,000 patients in the United States are annually diagnosed with head and neck cancer.

Jean-Michel Roué

Term and preterm newborns undergo a significant number of painful procedures during mechanical ventilation and intensive care.

Marianna Fenzi

In my project, I study the modes of production of agronomic knowledge within research programs that were established by the U.S.

Martin Lamotte

In March 1981, Carlos La Sombra, a prisoner at the Federal prison in San Juan, was killed by other inmates.

New Caledonia Landscape

Anthropological research has shown that people suffering with psychotic disorders tend to pay selective attention to their auditory hallucinations according to their sociocultural background: their

Visiting Student Researcher Fellowships

Chuan-Zheng Lee

In reinforcement learning (RL), an area of machine learning, automated agents are trained by learning algorithms to interact with their environment.  For example, RL me

Sophie Cetre

My project aims at studying how work is allocated among members of Parliament (MPs) in France. Who discuss and make economic and fiscal policies among MPs?

Helma Korzybska

Perceptual experience is a neglected question in the rapidly expanding field of brainmachine interface technology.

Max Viskanic

In this project I seek to further analyze the impact of immigration and the recent refugee crisis on voting behavior, public spending and general economic well-being in Europe.

Malcom Hodgskiss

Oxygen first appeared in the Earth’s atmosphere approximately two billion years ago, during the “Great Oxygenation Event”, setting the stage for the evolution of

Bertrand Delorme

How do abyssal waters get back to the surface? This question has puzzled oceanographers for years.

Undergraduate Fellowships

Sonia Gonzalez

I interned at Banijay Studios France in Paris where I worked on providing script coverage and creating TV pitch decks.


Luke Sturm

I developed a model to understand protein-RNA subject interactions.

Tara Shannon

I worked in a research lab under France’s National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Paris. I was assigned a Ph.D.

Mirae Parker

I participated in a plasma physics research internship at Ecole Centrale, an engineering/science university to the southwest of Paris.

Victoria Toli standing in the Stanford Main Quad arcades

For my FSCIS fellowship, I worked at EcoleCentrale's Life Sciences Laboratory.