Undergraduate Internship in Film Production

Sonia Gonzalez
Home Organization
Department of French and Italian, Stanford University
Visiting Organization
Banijay Studios, Paris
Sonia Gonzalez

I interned at Banijay Studios France in Paris where I worked on providing script coverage and creating TV pitch decks. I have always wanted to work in France in a manner that would allow me to put my French and film majors to use. This grant felt like the only opportunity that would allow me the experience. As a French and film major, I was thrilled to find a position as an intern at a TV production company. I have learned about not only the workings of a TV production company, but about its workings on an international scale. On a more personal note, I have learned about what it means to adapt to a foreign culture where the language spoken is not your mother tongue. It has been challenging, but absolutely rewarding. This experience has only confirmed that I would love to continue working in TV/film, and if granted the experience, I would be more than thrilled to continue working in France as it is the epicenter of a dynamic film culture.

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