Julien Sage

Elaine and John Chambers Professor of Pediatric Cancer and Professor of Genetics

Dr. Sage studied biology at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and did his PhD at the University of Nice and post-doctoral training at MIT. He is currently the Elaine and John Chambers Professor in Pediatric Cancer and a Professor of Genetics at Stanford University where he serves as the co-Director of the Cancer Biology PhD program. For his work on cancer genetics, he has been awarded a Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Scholar Award, a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Scholar Award, and an R35 Outstanding Investigator Award from the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Sage’s work has focused on the RB tumor suppressor pathway and how inactivation of RB promotes tumorigenesis in children and adult patients. In the past few years, the Sage lab has developed pre-clinical models for small cell lung cancer, an RB-mutant cancer, and has used these models to investigate signaling pathways driving the growth of this cancer type and to identify novel therapeutic targets in this recalcitrant cancer.