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Archeological Dig

The adoption of agriculture and animal husbandry 11,000 years ago altered not only economic activities, but also the social and ritual practices that governed human interactions.

Health systems in developing countries are confronted with the coexistence of undernutrition along with chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, while greater exposure to globalization shapes

Language acquisition — the process by which children break into their native language — is both an exciting scientific frontier and a critical applied issue.

Power Struggle by Olga Kisseleva is a live battle between four anti-viruses commented by actor using the tone of an altercation or a political confrontation.

This project is proposed as a first step to establish a strong collaboration between the Aesthetics of Performing and Spectacular Arts Department (EsPAS) headed by Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau at the AC


The project examines the role of social programs in the incorporation of Latin American immigrants in France and the United States.

Sébastien Goudeau

At the interface of sociology, cultural psychology and social psychology, this project aims to investigate the cultural differences and similarities between the United States and France in the way

Charlotte Dolez

My project aims to examine underprivileged people’s relationship to politics, in the current context of economic crisis and rise in inequalities, from a twofold perspective.

Giacomo Mantovan

My project focuses on preparing my anthropological doctoral thesis for publication.

Martin Lamotte

In March 1981, Carlos La Sombra, a prisoner at the Federal prison in San Juan, was killed by other inmates.

New Caledonia Landscape

Anthropological research has shown that people suffering with psychotic disorders tend to pay selective attention to their auditory hallucinations according to their sociocultural background: their

Lang Chen

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has an estimated incidence of 1:68 in the United States and is among the most common and pervasive neurodevelopmental disorders.

Marianna Fenzi

In my project, I study the modes of production of agronomic knowledge within research programs that were established by the U.S.