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The “Oriental impressions: Printing Oriental Languages between West and East, 16th-19th centuries” conference, to be held in Paris in December 2023, will bring together an international consortium

Our project focuses on clerical celibacy in its medieval context—the celibacy rulings of the eleventh century and their Carolingian precedents—examining the impl

Despite the centrality of criminal law and procedure to core questions of constitutional rights and governance throughout the modern-day West (and beyond), the disciplines of comparative criminal l

Whereas it has been widely agreed that maps are an essential source for historians, there is no doubt that cartographic representations also constitute a means and a medium for writing history.

Recent biological and biomedical research has featured the idea that living things are not “individuals” but collectives.  Gordon and Pradeu examine t

This collaborative project seeks to explore Franco-American relations in the eighteenth century, particularly from 1763 to 1789, from two angles.

The adoption of agriculture and animal husbandry 11,000 years ago altered not only economic activities, but also the social and ritual practices that governed human interactions.

Changes in arousal are at the core of neuropsychiatric disease, including depression and other mood disorders.

Health systems in developing countries are confronted with the coexistence of undernutrition along with chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, while greater exposure to globalization shapes

The discovery of the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle responsible for endowing all other particles with mass, is one of the major discoveries of the last decade.

Over the past few years, the potential of machine learning methods that can generate text and images has expanded significantly.

The rise of obesity in childhood is a concern in both Europe and North America.

The interaction of highly energetic particles with plasmas plays a major role in the evolution of the universe and gives rise to many astrophysical processes tha

Inside-Out Earth, the larger project of which

The ability to orient attention to dynamic changes in the environment is an essential cognitive skill.