Undergraduate Internship in Protein-DNA Interactions Study

Luke Sturm

I developed a model to understand protein-RNA subject interactions. The lab I worked in had already developed ways to predict protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions, so I was building on a lot of already accomplished work. I read papers, gathered a dataset, curated the dataset, studied the 3D structures of proteins, and ran a series of tests and statistical analysis to build a protein-RNA interaction prediction model. In the end, I finished the summer with promising results and helped put together a plan for the next steps of the analysis. The most important thing from the summer was working with people from all over the world and gaining their perspectives. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do research in France this summer. As a rising senior studying applied mathematics with a huge interest in the synergy of biology and mathematics, getting to work in a computational biology lab was a perfect way to spend my summer. I not only got to apply what I have been learning in school, but I also got to contribute to research and understand what it would be like to do a PhD. Because I am a senior thinking about what to do after college, this has been particularly valuable to me and will definitely help advise my future.


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