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Shreya Ramachandran

I have spent my summer in Paris working to combine efforts between Stanford and the Paris Diderot University on a large-scale research project.

Sonia Gonzalez

I interned at Banijay Studios France in Paris where I worked on providing script coverage and creating TV pitch decks.

Nathaniel Simon

I conducted research on plasma as an intern at École Centrale Paris (in Paris).

Michael Gioia

While the French Revolution is commonly remembered as a profoundly anti-clerical historical moment, it counted several priests among its instigators and leaders.

Calais Jungle

While it began as a question of temporary resettlement and provision of basic needs for the almost 5 million refugees in key European port cities, the Syrian refugee crisis has progressed far beyon

Elise Johnson

Since the emergence of haute couture, Paris has conceived the world’s greatest fashion design innovation.

Teo Lamiot

I spent a summer in Paris conducting research on French foreign policy in sub-Saharan Africa since the end of the Cold War.

Zoe Lee-Chiong

In biological organisms, there exists, beyond DNA and genetic material, an additional layer of information called "epigenetics".

Gabrielle Daso, left, with fellow Stanford student and fellow Zoe Lee Chiong

As a leading international research institute, l’Institut Pasteur in Paris harnesses the fundamentals of basic research to reveal groundbreaking results that often give us a more intimate kno

MaryJo Lopez

I researched the philosophy of Henri Bergson, the way in which it influenced American philosophers and the reception of Bergson's philosophy in the U.S.

Jonas Ogien

Current diagnosis of skin cancer mainly relies on biopsy (i.e., removing a portion of tissue); nearly 12 million biopsies are performed each year.

Mathilde Emeriau

Today, 144 countries have committed to grant asylum to those fleeing persecutions by signing the 1952 Geneva Convention on Refugees.

Silvia de Toffoli

Visual representations of various kinds are ubiquitous in pure and applied mathematics, in the natural and social sciences, as well as in many other human activities.

Gabin Personeni

The widespread use of patient Electronic Health Records in hospitals generates large volumes of data offering exciting opportunities for novel discoveries in medicine.

Bertrand Delorme

How do abyssal waters get back to the surface? This question has puzzled oceanographers for years.