Power Struggle

Lindsey Mantoan
Home Organization
Theater & Performance Studies Department , Stanford University
Olga Kisseleva
Visiting Organization
Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris

Power Struggle by Olga Kisseleva is a live battle between four anti-viruses commented by actor using the tone of an altercation or a political confrontation. Each anti-virus tries to destroy the other three, eradicating everything in the computer until there is only one left. The performance offers a beautiful metaphor for the struggle for power currently taking place between politicians, as unproductive as it is dangerous. The fight becomes visible to the spectators thanks to lines of code racing on the screen. Kisseleva created the performance, and has presented it in various venues in Europe and Asia. She will bring the piece to the Performance Studies international conference at Stanford June 26-30, collaborating with Stanford students and professors to present the work to the 600 delegates at the conference. Kisseleva and these collaborators will then travel to Prais and present the work there in the fall.

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