Medieval Law and Resistance

Clara Romani
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Department of History/Department of French, Stanford University

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Department of History, Stanford University

Clara Romani

For this project, I will work on late medieval law in France and in Europe. Part of my time will be spent revising the metadata for a digital map of the dioceses of medieval Europe, to be published in the fall. This will aid the progression of Professor Dorin’s broader project on resistance in medieval canon law, a collaborative effort with French colleagues that has already received support from the France-Stanford Center. I will also carry further the research done for my honors thesis, with an eye to future publication. This project uses inquisitional records to study the position of female Cathars in the medieval Languedoc. Both of these endeavors will help me refine my research, digital humanities, and Latin skills in preparation for my Fulbright work next fall pursuing a masters in History at the Université Cergy-Pontoise in France.

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