The Impact of Immigration & the Refugee Crisis on Voting Behavior, Public Spending, and Economic Well-Being in Europe

Max Viskanic
Home Organization
Sciences Po Paris & LIEPP, Paris
Visiting Organization
Immigration Policy Lab, Stanford University
Max Viskanic

In this project I seek to further analyze the impact of immigration and the recent refugee crisis on voting behavior, public spending and general economic well-being in Europe. The main aim is to analyze the repercussions of the recent refugee crisis and to see their impacts in terms of size, duration and heterogeneity of immigration. Therefore it is key to understand the locational choice of immigrants, i.e. where they move, versus where they would be best located, i.e. where they should move. Given the evident political ramifications of immigration I seek to further analyze the recent influx of immigrants by evaluating migrant specific outcomes. A very important issue here becomes the integration of immigrants through for example specific training and/or their insertion into the labour market. The latter is an important element in making immigration work both in the short and long run and has become a key question of our times.

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