Environmental Policy and Oceans Ecosystems

Héloïse Berkowitz
Home Organization
Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau
Visiting Organization
Center for Ocean Solutions, Stanford University
Héloïse Berkowitz

My visit to the Center for Ocean Solutions (COS) provides an opportunity to develop collaborative research between Stanford and Ecole Polytechnique on the question of oceans’ sustainability. The management of oceans ecosystems is at the center of environmental policy agendas and wider political, industrial and societal concerns. Noise for instance is a particularly significant problem in the US and the European Union. Anthropic sonic perturbations of marine environment are varied (from sonars and explosions to marine traffic and offshore energy technologies) and contribute to a complex array of harmful effects (especially in animal behavior and species survival). Reflecting on oceans’ sustainability from a Management Studies perspective is the focus of my research and visit to Stanford. To create solutions, it is critical that my work, founded in social science disciplines, be integrated with a natural sciences research program. COS has developed such an interdisciplinary approach between natural, physical and social sciences. The center also built tools for connecting different sectors and agencies, and integrating stakeholders in the management process. Visiting Stanford is a unique opportunity that will allow me to access these tools and to consult with Professors Larry Crowder and Rebecca Martone in order to complete my thesis dissertation.

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