Collaborative Research Projects

Reimagining and Reconstructing the Renaissance Banquet

This project confronts a collection of untapped sources about Renaissance feasting. Focusing on a banquet that took place in Tours, France in 1457, we…

Models for Characterization of Fractured Rock from Thermography Experiments

Fractured rocks play central role in a wide variety of environmental fields including hydrogeology, geothermal energy, hydrocarbon extraction, and long…

Circadian Cycles in Cancer Treatments

Charged Particle Identification for the Superb Experiment With the Focusing Detector of Internally Reflected Cherenkov Light - the 'fdirc'

Calibration for a Next-generation Gamma-ray Camera

New Development in Myelin Imaging With Application to Multiple Sclerosis

From Fundamentals to Applied Medical Diagnostics

An Interdisciplinary Cognitive and Psychoanalytic Study of the Effect of Cochlear Implantation on Dementia Prevention in Aging Subjects

Synergy of Targeted and Immune Therapies Combination: Proof of Concept

Motor Cortex Excitability After RTMS Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Pain: an FMRI and TMS Study

Integrating Drug Safety Surveillance Between US & EU

Beckett on Aging

Organic Electronic Devices for Immunosensing

Growth, Remodeling and Aging of Human Skin: Mechano-biological Theory and Biomedical Applications

Evaluating Climate Adaptation Options for Agriculture in West Africa