Mark A. Cappelli

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Mark Cappelli

Professor Cappelli received his B.Sc. in Physics from McGill University, and his M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. in Aerospace Sciences from the University of Toronto.  His graduate research involved the studies of dense laser-produced plasma channels for guiding and space-charge neutralizing high intensity ion beams in light-ion beam driven inertial confinement fusion.  He joined Stanford University in 1987 and has mentored nearly 40 Ph.D. students in various research topics related to plasma science and engineering.  His past activities have focused on studies of plasma chemistry applied to materials synthesis, deposition, and etching, plasma propulsion, plasma aerodynamics, and plasma-assisted combustion.  His current activities include studies of ultra-high density plasmas, plasma-wall interactions in fusion systems, and the studies of how plasmas may be used to control electromagnetic waves.  Professor Cappelli is the Director of the Stanford Plasma Physics Laboratory, and also the co-Director of the Engineering Physics Program.