Stanford University

Forney Library Undergraduate Internship

Application deadline: February 5, 2020

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Inside the Hotel de Sens, a royal residence dating back to the Middles Ages, the Forney Library specializes in arts and craftsmanship. The library has 23,000 volumes, as well as 50,000 exhibition catalogues, 4,000 newspaper titles and rich iconographic collections. The collections are dedicated to the decorative arts, the art and craft professions and their techniques, the fine arts and graphic arts, without forgetting fashion, advertising and design. Temporary exhibitions highlighting the collection are scheduled throughout the year.

Between 6/22/20 and 8/14/20
Up to $6,000
Grant recipients will be required to submit a three-page report within two weeks after their return.
Recipients for this internship must be enrolled at Stanford the quarter following the completion of the project for which they received funding. Thus, students who wish to pursue a fellowship the summer after their senior year may do so, but only if they apply for and receive permission from the University Registrar to enroll for a “graduation quarter” the following fall. More information on graduation quarters can be found here.
This internship is open to undergraduate students with background and interests in the following fields: art history, decorative and graphic arts, French history and culture. The library’s collections include posters, postcards, wallpaper, fabrics and commercial catalogues; the student-intern should be ready to practice archival, curatorial and/or library-science skills in working with such materials. Duties may also include welcoming visitors and readers to the library and presenting the history of the building and library in both English and French; proficiency in French is therefore required.
Paris, France
Undergraduate students (Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior)
Language requirement
French proficiency (Frenlang 22C or Frenchlang 23C). Interviews will be conducted.
Background and interest in art history, decorative and graphic arts, French history and culture. French proficiency.
Applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Itemized budget
  • Letter to be addressed to the France-Stanford Center Director describing your research interests and why you are applying for the position. Please explain the nature of your background in art history, decorative and graphic arts. Where and how did you acquire the relevant training? Are there particular courses you took, particular research projects you pursued, etc.? (1 page, ~ 800 words)
  • Recommendation letter from the applicant’s advisor, discussing the applicant and the merits of the proposed visit (1 page). Request this recommendation on your application form
  • Applicant’s resume (1 page)
  • Unofficial Stanford transcript

Isabelle Collignon,