2015-2016 Visiting Student Researcher Fellowship

Application Deadline for AY 2015-2016: March 16, 2015.

Room with a viewDownload the 2015-2016 Guidelines (PDF)

The FSCIS Visiting Student Researcher Fellowship is available to the following categories of applicants:

(1) Graduate students affiliated with a French institution who are interested in pursuing a course of research at Stanford.

(2) Stanford Graduate students interested in undertaking research or pursuing an internship at a French institution.

Visiting Student Researchers are expected to pursue projects that will take on the order of 2 to 4 months to complete. The maximum funding available for a 2-month project (i.e. most summer projects) is $5,000. Projects lasting 3 months may be funded up to a maximum of $6,000 and those lasting 4 months up to $7,000.

Application Procedure
Visit How to Submit for more information.

Questions about becoming a Visiting Student Researcher can be directed to the Center’s Director, Amalia Kessler (akessler [at] law [dot] stanford [dot] edu) or the Program Coordinator, Isabelle Collignon (isabelle [at] stanford [dot] edu).