Conferences/Workshops (September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019).

The deadline has passed.

1 - Download the 2018-2019 Application Form (Word).

2 - Download the 2018-2019 Financial Annex (Excel).

3 - Once you have filled out the Application Form and the Financial Annex, the Stanford or French project coordinator will UPLOAD the application with all the necessary documents.

4 - You will receive an automatic confirmation that your application has been successfully uploaded.

If possible, applications must be submitted in English.  If the proposal has to be submitted in French, an English summary of the proposal has to be submitted.
The following documents must be included in order and sent in one single document (PDF or word format):

1 - Completed application form.

2 - Non-technical summary of the conference or workshop. Your application for funding will be reviewed by the France-Stanford Center’s Executive Committee—a group of Stanford and France-based academics who work across a very broad range of disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and medicine.  Given the broadly interdisciplinary background of the committee, it is unlikely that more than one reviewer will have meaningful familiarity with the nature of your research. It is thus vital that you include a non-technical description of the proposal that will be easily comprehended by all members of the committee.  This description, which must be at most 200 words, should (1) clearly identify the proposal’s significance and (2) avoid disciplinary jargon (200 words maximum). 

3 – Conference/Workshop proposal.
Proposals should specify the intellectual rationale for topic, indicate why the proposed topic would be a suitable candidate for funding by the Center, provide examples of potential participants, identify possible organizers, set forth a tentative budget and other sources of funding, and propose a tentative date. Applicants should also specify the kind of meeting they seek to hold—i.e., conference, workshop, or symposium (5 pages maximum).

4 - Statement (1) confirming compliance with ethical and environmental norms and (2) providing a summary account of how such compliance is to be attained (1 page maximum).

5 - Financial annex.

6 - Biographical resumes of the proposed principal investigators (both in France and at Stanford), stating their current affiliations (2 pages maximum).

7 - Letter of intent, signed by both the French and Stanford coordinators indicating their commitment to work together on the proposed project (1 page maximum).